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Fall Junk Removal with JUNK180

It didn’t seem like it was going to happen, but eventually, those blazing summer months finally came to an end. Now, autumn is upon us, and autumn is a time of change. Just look at all the trees with their leaves rapidly changing colors here in the Bay Area. Don’t forget the dropping temperatures, too. The change of seasons can get you thinking, and maybe you’ve been thinking that you’d like a little change yourself. Well, as it turns out, this is the perfect time for fall junk removal. Head into this new season with a little less junk “baggage” than before.

At JUNK180, we would love to help you out. We offer a slew of junk removal services so you can part ways with whatever clutter has been weighing you down. The list of what we take is enormous, but we find that the sort of junk pick up we do in the autumn boils down to the same few categories. Let’s explore junk removal with JUNK180 some more and see some of the weighs you can clear your conscience—and your home—this fall season.

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Yard Debris Removal

As mentioned above, the trees’ leaves are changing colors. You know what happens next, don’t you? That’s right—the leaves are going to fall off the branches and shower onto the ground. This can be a beautiful sight. That carpet of orange, red, and brown leaves crunching beneath your feet can be a real delight. However, there’s a time and place for everything, and the time and place for all those leaves might not be in your yard. We have lawns to upkeep, after all. This doesn’t just necessitate the removal of leaves. It also means we need to clean up branches, sticks, brush, and even unsightly tree stumps.

What’s the solution to all this yard debris? Our yard debris removal, of course. Whether you’re in our city of Benicia or another of our nearby service areas, we are willing to head out to your location and clean up any waste in your yard. We’ll bring our rakes, so if you are already dealing with the carpet of leaves, we can get it off your lawn and into our truck. While we’re there, be sure to let us know if there is anything else you’d like us to take. Fallen branches, sticks and stones, and even gravel… if it’s in your yard, we can take it!

Furniture Removal

Seeing the colors change outside might have you wanting to change the look inside of your home. After all, since it’s no longer summer, you’ll be spending more time indoors. You even have some holidays to prepare for later in the year! For all these reasons, you may find yourself wanting to swap out your furniture. However, there are a few reasons people don’t swap out furniture all the time. For one, it can be expensive. Secondly, it’s not easy to lug around, often requiring an entire crew to pull it off. Fortunately, a crew is just a phone call away thanks to JUNK180.

There’s no need to worry about slipping a disc while hauling furniture thanks to us. What’s more, we offer convenient, volume-based prices for our furniture removal services, meaning you’ll have leftover cash to shop for new furniture with. However, we also recognize that any furniture you wish to part ways with isn’t necessarily junk. To reduce waste, we will donate your lightly used furniture. You get the furniture removal you need, the landfills don’t fill up as quickly, and someone else gets to pick up your old stuff for cheap at a thrift store. Everyone wins.

Decorations Removal

Are you a decorative type of person? If so, you may have themed your home around the summer during June and July. At the very least, you may have put up some decorative banners and maybe even a floral wreath on your front porch. However, one of the quirks of being decorative is having to keep up with the seasonal changes. Now that it’s autumn, you’ve probably already got some pumpkins, cornucopias, and red-and-orange leaf wreaths to put out front. What this means, though, is leftover summer decorations. Don’t want to store them for next year? Then pass them over to us! This is also a great option for businesses such as retail outlets that have to deck entire warehouse stores with seasonal garb.

Garage Cleanouts

As the temperatures descend outside, chances are, you’ll want to park in your garage more often. It helps make those chilly mornings all the more bearable. However, if a mountain of junk in your garage has been preventing you from parking in it, then you’ll need to find a solution fast.

Our garage clean outs are the best fit for the situation. Our crew will be there to learn more about your cluttered garage, and we are readily available to help you sort through all your stored belongings. We can decide together what’s worth keeping and what’s worth throwing out. Then, after removing all the junk, we can rehome all the stuff you wanted to hold on to. We’ll create a more organized layout for you, and best of all, there will be room to park your vehicle again.

And More!

No matter the season and no matter the circumstances, our junk removal remains a handy option for anyone dealing with clutter in the Bay Area. A few more of our offerings include:

We urge you to see our What We Take page to learn more about everything we can take off your hands!

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