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Junk180 Provides Professional Light Demolition in Benicia

Welcome to Junk180’s concrete removal services section. If you have a light demolition job requiring the smashing and jackhammering of some slabs, we’re your team! Junk180’s pros have all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done, and we provide a full service so you don’t have to do any part of the work. Concrete removal in Benicia, CA is a local task for us. We’re right around the corner! So, you can have your service scheduled today or tomorrow and have a new-looking property in no time.

Our beautiful waterfront city of Benicia is evergreen and everchanging and we want to be a part of what keeps it that way. With this in mind, Demolition services are useful if you want your project done professionally and successfully. Also, you’ll want proper disposal of all waste to keep our city clean, too. Junk180 takes care of all of this!

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Why Choose Junk180 for Concrete Demolition

Instead of asking why, let’s ask why not! Why not choose Junk180 when we’re going to put our best foot forward when providing services. You’ll be pleased by the excellent customer service you get in your first interaction with our team members. And we’ll maintain that positivity throughout the entire job. All the way up to the concrete being hauled off your property for disposal.

Choose us to handle your light demolition job because we’re properly insured and experienced professionals. Whether it’s jackhammered or sledge hammered, we’ll be sure to use the right tool the right way. That’s because our teams are trained to do this. What’s more, using our pricing system, your concrete removal cost is sure to be fair. We don’t ramp up our demolition services with added fees!

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The Concrete Demolition Process

You can have concrete demolished and removed from your property in a few simple steps!

  1. Booking Get started with an appointment. Give us a call at 707-536-0740. Or, you can use our easy online booking system to schedule a date.
  2. Arrival You can expect Junk180 teams to arrive on-time. That’s important to us. In fact, a team member will even give you a call ahead of time to let you know we’re on the way!
  3. Quote Rest assured that you’ll receive a firm quote before we start any work. One of our junk haulers will determine the concrete demolition cost based on the work that’s to be done.
  4. Demolition and Disposal When you’re set on the quote, our teams will break out whichever concrete slab remover is needed for the job! We work fast and efficiently, and most importantly, safely. We’ll be hauling off concrete in no time, leading to the next step in the process.
  5. Cleanup Junk180 services will leave your property clean and polished. Not only will we remove every rock of debris, but we’ll be sure to sweep up any area necessary to leave your lot spotless and ready for whatever new project you’re looking to start!
  6. A Complete Service We make concrete removal in Benicia, CA easy by accepting multiple forms of payment. You can pay for the service by cash, card, or personal check. Whatever works for you!

Concrete Removal

Concrete removal is not as easy a task as it seems. Without the proper experience in concrete demolition, even a DIY pro can have an accident. Concrete removal requires knowledge of how to determine the depth of concrete to be removed. In turn, this determines the right tool for the job. If you’re unfamiliar with these and use the wrong digging tool you can damage equipment. This is no fun if you’re using rentals. Or what’s worse is that you can injure yourself.

Junk180 crews are experienced. They can select what machine to use, like a rotary hammer, and what functions to use on them. We’ll be sure to consider every possible solution before beginning demolition services. If you’re unsure about a project don’t hesitate to give a call to the pros! We’re here for you.

About Us

Who are we? Here at Junk180 we’re you’re local team of junk haulers. Experienced professionals in many areas of home improvement services. Our crews handle all kinds of jobs like furniture removal, deck removal, appliance removal, pool demolition and more.

Junk180 takes on jobs all throughout the Bay Area. So, our services are extended across a mass of cities. Benicia, however, is our hometown and where we’re based. We’re proud to provide the best for our neighbors here, contributing to the upkeep of this beautiful place.

What’s more, a clean footprint is what we leave behind. That means proper disposal of all refuse and wasted material. If you know Junk180 then you know that’s just another part of our service. When our teams work, we do a complete job including removal of the junk we demolish.

Our Main Service Areas

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • review rating

    James and his team were very efficient and helpful cleaning out a family estate. They worked fast and filled their trucks up to the max. Pricing was very fair and they stuck by their quote.

    Mitchell Quon
  • review rating

    I found Junk180 by doing a Google search for companies like this that have a great customer service rating. Junk180 was right at the top. I contacted them and was able set up an appointment to come by the next morning at 8 AM! The gentlemen arrived on time, were very polite, strong and helpful, and in general a pleasure to work with. They got everything taken care of with no damage, no mess, and I am very happy with them. This is a good company!

    Craig Howell
  • review rating

    When the owner of the company actually comes out and puts his muscles in it, I find that very impressive. James and Joey were absolutely great! Responsive, professional, on time, quick, affordable and cleaned up when they were done. Thank you Mr. Power Ranger & Mr. T-shirt Guy, (new nicknames 😂) I greatly appreciate you, I now have a spot for my car!! And yes if you have a lot of junk to get rid of…I definitely recommend Junk180!

    Kelly Vedder
  • review rating

    Used this company to remove a futon, mattress, and a few other small furniture pieces from my second floor apartment. The price was fair — this kind of service in general is pricier than you might expect regardless of the company, but this one quoted me $10 less than the national 1-800 company and explained their pricing model which I appreciated. Always better to support a local business anyway. Both of the guys were friendly and professional, unfortunately I’m terrible with names and have already forgotten them (sorry!) but they were great. Professional, polite, on time. Definitely recommend.

  • review rating

    We recently had the pleasure of working with Rafael and James and they were great. They were punctual and very informative and hard workers. I had heavy pieces of furniture and general junk and in different places (downstairs living with a lot of steps and garage and driveway) but that didn’t phase them one bit. They handled everything very professionally. After they had quoted me for the everything I had pointed out, I added items (rugs and table top) and they gave me a really cheap price for the extra items. Very fair price for the items they removed and they even cleaned up the area that the items were on. I highly recommend their services and I know I will be using them in the future.

    Lute Leisi

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