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Is your refrigerator reaching the end of its life? Call Junk 180 for a professional refrigerator pickup and removal service that accommodates to your needs.

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5-Star Fridge Removal in Benicia, CA

If you’ve ever had a household appliance break down on you, you know the great inconvenience it can be. Not only do you have to find a replacement fast, you must find a removal and disposal solution that fits your needs, without breaking the bank. Since refrigerators are essentially impossible to move around without the proper equipment, we believe that your most trusty option would be booking our pros for fridge removal in Benicia, CA. Providing appliance removal on a same and next-day basis, Junk 180 is here for you so that you can have your kitchen ready for that new refrigerator in no time!

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Why Us?

“How to get rid of my old refrigerator” has never been an easier question to answer in Benicia, CA! That’s because Junk 180 serves residents and business owners with full-service refrigerator disposal and pick-up 7 days a week. Whatever sticky situation you may be in, we’re happy to help! In fact, we’re a group of friendly junk removal experts that specialize in many services. With our commercial and residential hauling experience, we can do any job, big or small.

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Our Process

  1. First, schedule our fridge removal in Benicia, CA through our website, or call us to speak to our friendly staff.
  2. Next, we’ll give you a courtesy call right before your scheduled appointment to notify you that haulers will be there shortly.
  3. Once they arrive, our team will quickly land on a firm quote based on your junk volume. They’ll present you with an all-inclusive rate at no charge for your approval!
  4. If you’re satisfied with pricing, just let our crew know! From there, they can get your old refrigerator hauled out of your home promptly without any hiccups.

How Refrigerator Removal Works

At this point, you may be wondering how our refrigerator disposal and pick up goes down in Benicia, CA. Well, with our team of experienced professionals, it’s easy! Once you clear us to work by approving our quote, we’ll break out the proper equipment for appliance hauling. Using a dolly or other tool, our team will quickly roll your fridge out of your house and onto our trucks. Then, based on your location and the condition of your refrigerator, haulers will drive to the appropriate drop-off location. If your old fridge happens to be functional, we’ll see if we can donate it to a local donation center. More often than not, however, clients that book our appliance removal have broken or worn-out appliances. If that’s your case, we’ll recycle it at a nearby recycling station that accepts bulk items!

Although many people don’t know it, refrigerators can be disassembled and reprocessed so that contents can be re-used in an eco-friendly fashion. Most materials making up a refrigerator can be recycled, from metal cabinets to glass and plastic shelves. In order to make this happen, on-site employees first identify the fridge by drilling a hole into a side panel and recognizing the type of insulation. Then, workers extract all the freon, along with any oils lingering in the compressor. Before breaking down the refrigerator, an on-site team or worker would address the refrigerator’s condenser and decide if it may have toxic PCBs present. If they suspect that’s so, the capacitor would be shipped to a reputable hazardous waste incinerator site for demolition. And finally, recycling facility employees can remove all the fridge shelving and cut the frame down into smaller pieces. Any glass, plastic, or metal would be separated for recycling while any foam present would be sealed and sent off to an incinerator.

About Us

At Junk180, we’re a locally owned business that thrives on helping our community. Noticing that our areas could use better waste management, our founder started our company in an effort to help residents de-stress with full-service junk removal that doesn’t involve their time or effort. Over the years, our team has built loads of service knowledge and disposal know-how that has directly impacted our environment for the better! With the ball for junk disposal being in our court, we prioritize sustainable methods like donations and recycling. Whether you need construction debris or fridge removal in Benicia, CA, we’ll do what we can to recycle as much as possible!

As a local company, we pose many perks that franchises can’t hold a candle to. Firstly, open 7 days a week, we can get to you faster than those other guys! In addition, we save you from unnecessary, excessive fees that other companies pile up for a sub-par job. Alternatively, we combine your costs into a single rate that we’ll give you in advance. With our volume-based system, all our services are priced based on how much junk you need gone– without the extra fees!

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5.0 out of 152 reviews

  • review rating

    James and his team were very efficient and helpful cleaning out a family estate. They worked fast and filled their trucks up to the max. Pricing was very fair and they stuck by their quote.

    Mitchell Quon
  • review rating

    I found Junk180 by doing a Google search for companies like this that have a great customer service rating. Junk180 was right at the top. I contacted them and was able set up an appointment to come by the next morning at 8 AM! The gentlemen arrived on time, were very polite, strong and helpful, and in general a pleasure to work with. They got everything taken care of with no damage, no mess, and I am very happy with them. This is a good company!

    Craig Howell
  • review rating

    When the owner of the company actually comes out and puts his muscles in it, I find that very impressive. James and Joey were absolutely great! Responsive, professional, on time, quick, affordable and cleaned up when they were done. Thank you Mr. Power Ranger & Mr. T-shirt Guy, (new nicknames 😂) I greatly appreciate you, I now have a spot for my car!! And yes if you have a lot of junk to get rid of…I definitely recommend Junk180!

    Kelly Vedder
  • review rating

    Used this company to remove a futon, mattress, and a few other small furniture pieces from my second floor apartment. The price was fair — this kind of service in general is pricier than you might expect regardless of the company, but this one quoted me $10 less than the national 1-800 company and explained their pricing model which I appreciated. Always better to support a local business anyway. Both of the guys were friendly and professional, unfortunately I’m terrible with names and have already forgotten them (sorry!) but they were great. Professional, polite, on time. Definitely recommend.

  • review rating

    We recently had the pleasure of working with Rafael and James and they were great. They were punctual and very informative and hard workers. I had heavy pieces of furniture and general junk and in different places (downstairs living with a lot of steps and garage and driveway) but that didn’t phase them one bit. They handled everything very professionally. After they had quoted me for the everything I had pointed out, I added items (rugs and table top) and they gave me a really cheap price for the extra items. Very fair price for the items they removed and they even cleaned up the area that the items were on. I highly recommend their services and I know I will be using them in the future.

    Lute Leisi

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