Warehouse Cleanouts

It’s difficult to clean out junk from a warehouse because it’s such an enormous task. However, you’ll find that the task seems a lot more manageable when you ask JUNK180 for help. We’re on call and ready to serve you, so get our assistance today by dialing our number!

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Full-service Warehouse Junk Removal

When you need warehouse cleanouts in the East Bay Area, JUNK180 wants to serve you! We are locally owned in Benicia, CA, and if there’s anything we love doing, it’s cleaning up for our clients so they don’t have to do the work themselves. As it turns out, this includes cleaning out warehouses, so if you’re struggling with piles of junk all around the workplace, get in touch with us, because we’re a surefire way to eliminate any amount of clutter.

If you need to get rid of warehouse junk fast, then we’ve got a proposition for you. Contact us sooner rather than later because we have same-day and next-day appointment windows for you to choose from! That way, you don’t have to worry about warehouse junk for the next few weeks. We’ll remove it quickly so you can get back to doing your work with zero distractions.

Why Our Warehouse Cleaning Services?

It takes a good warehouse cleaning company to clear out your warehouse space at a steady pace and a fair price. Because of this, you might be searching around for the best business for warehouse cleanouts near you. Well, your search is finally over now that you’ve stumbled upon JUNK180. We are a locally owned and operated junk removal business that loves getting to work when our customers need our help. Not only are we speedy, but we’re also very affordable thanks to our volume-based prices. Additionally, since we aren’t a franchise, you’ll save money with us because we don’t have to charge you more in order to pay franchise fees.

Warehouse Clean Up

Warehouse clean up is a difficult process that involves a lot of work, but never fear, because we’re prepared for the job ahead of us. We’ll bring our hardworking crew, and we’ll make sure we have plenty of truck space so that there’s room for all your warehouse junk. What’s more, we’re prepared to take just about anything we find in your warehouse. From packaging waste and broken equipment to boxes, shelves, and racks, we’d love to haul it away so it’s no longer your problem!

Warehouse cleanouts get done best by JUNK180, so don’t wait to book an appointment. By either contacting us online or calling us at 707-536-0740, you’ll be able to let us know when you’d like us to swing by to clean up your warehouse. Not only that, but you can tell us about all the warehouse junk you’re dealing with so you can get a free estimate. Yes, you can get an approximation of the final price before we’ve even arrived at the warehouse!

Our Warehouse Cleanout Process

  1. Removing junk from warehouses can take some time, so we’ll make sure we’ll be there right on time. Expect our courtesy call when we’re getting close.

  2. Accept our upfront service so we can start hauling your warehouse junk away! When we receive the go-ahead, we’ll start working immediately.

  3. We’ll clear out warehouse junk one armload after another, then load it all onto our truck. Eventually, there won’t be any clutter left in the warehouse.

  4. Lastly, we’ll need to accept your payment. Once we’ve received it, we’ll say goodbye, hop in our truck, then get out of there so we can dispose of and recycle the junk.

Cleaning Out Offices and Warehouses All At Once

Some warehouses aren’t far from the offices that manage their day-to-day operations, so if you need to clean out both at once, let’s make it happen. While some of our crew works on cleaning up warehouse junk like shelves and equipment, another part of our crew can clean up office junk such as cubicles, cabinets, and office furniture. That way, you can have a clean warehouse and office to work with, whether you’re moving out, selling it off, or preparing for some seriously big renovations. Even if this job takes multiple truckloads to complete, we’re excited to help you out, so give us a call, then let us know about your dual office-warehouse cleanout project today.

About Us

The #1 junk removal services in the East Bay Area can be found at JUNK180, a local junk hauling business. We’ve always focused on providing our customers with fast, affordable services, and one look at our many five-star reviews proves that we’ve succeeded in reaching this goal. Would you like to be our next delighted client? We’d love to help you, so give us a call. Immediately, you’ll find yourself speaking with a friendly member of your community. You’ll feel welcome and appreciated right away, and we’ll keep you feeling that way all the way through your appointment.

Our Customer Reviews

Based on 199 reviews
Nancy Lewis-Paniagua
Nancy Lewis-Paniagua
Couldn't be happier with service Plan to use it soon
Taylor Brown (Moxie)
Taylor Brown (Moxie)
James had the best rate of any place we called. He was extremely thorough and professional with a quick response and turn over time. His company uses text reminders I also found helpful and he even conversed with me after hours (6pm) to accommodate my work schedule. I would recommend James and his company to friends and family alike. Hands down!
Carolyn Buxton
Carolyn Buxton
You guys were great!
Leah Redwood
Leah Redwood
Junk 180 helped us clear a lot of our "Junk" as we were moving from a 2500 square foot house into a 945 sq ft of space so we had to clear a massive amount of "extra" stuff and Junk 180 responded quickly. Setting up the appointment was easy. There is a free consultation so if you can't afford it, at the time, you won't have to pay but at least you'll get an idea of the cost. For the amount of stuff they hauled away, I was expecting to pay at least $300-400 but it was only $295! And worth every penny! In fact, after they left and our family continued to pack away for our move, we had trash we overlooked and I'm calling them back! I highly recommend this company!
Jeff's Fix-it Shop
Jeff's Fix-it Shop
Junk 180 is great. They were able to schedule our hot tub demolition and removal quite promptly, they kept us informed about their arrival time, did a complete job, were up-front about the various components of the cost, and cleaned up the area quite well when they were finished. James was very conscientious, courteous, careful, and hard-working. We were confident about their honesty regarding proper disposal, which was very important to us given the current spate of illegal dumping that seems to be going on. I have no complaints about this job at all.
John Kraszewski
John Kraszewski
During early May 2023, I called Junk 180 twice to haul away giant bushes and branches. The office was efficient and communications clear. The truck drivers were on time, kind and professional. They did a good job in a short time. The job cost was good and agreed upon before work started. The job site was left clean and uncluttered. I highly recommend Junk 180 to friends and others.
Juleece Doey
Juleece Doey
I booked popular junk company 3 weeks ago and they called me 90 minutes beforehand to tell me I was not in their area. Called Junk180 and Roy and James came out right away and took care of everything I needed! They were fantastic! Friendly, detail oriented and made sure I was happy before they left! Support local business! Did I mention they gave me a fair deal and not try to fleece me? 6 thumbs up!(4 from dog who also approved!)
Thomas Maas
Thomas Maas
Roy was as excellent as all the Junk180 service providers have been for me over the years. Great company and individuals!
Lillian Hawkins
Lillian Hawkins
Great company and very quick to respond and send guys out for the disposals

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