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Junk 180 provides full-service storage unit cleanouts from Oakland to Napa Valley! No matter where you are in the Bay Area, you can trust our team to tend to every detail of your storage unit junk removal.

  • We will remove all unwanted items from the unit.

  • Of course, we will do all the lifting and loading!

  • Before we go, we’ll sweep out the empty space.

  • We’ll even handle donation, recycling, and disposal!

Junk We Remove

Our storage unit cleanout service covers all types of junk removal! If you’ve managed to keep it, we can probably haul it away!

  • Household Junk

  • General Trash

  • Large Furniture

  • Loose Objects

  • And More!

Same-Day Service

Do you need to clean out a storage unit quickly to avoid paying another month of rent? Then you need Junk 180! Same-day and next-day appointments are often available to meet your needs and scheduling is simple!

  • Book Now. Use our online scheduler to quickly claim your appointment!

  • Call 707-536-0740. We’ll be glad to take your call and get you set up!

Storage Unit Cleanouts by Bay Area Locals

  • Local. We aren’t a franchise! Junk 180 is locally-owned and operated in Benicia.

  • Professional. Our crew is well-trained and prepared to meet your junk removal and cleanout needs.

  • Affordable. You can count on upfront quotes, fair prices, and no surprises on the final bill.

  • Community. Above all, we seek to serve our neighbors well by providing service you can trust!

Need Help Cleaning Your Storage Unit?

Think of opening an old book full of stories about stuff we used to love but forgot about. That's like many storage units, filled with things from the past that we haven’t seen in a while. If your storage space in the Bay Area feels like this and you're not sure how to sort it out, don't worry! We're here to help you clean and organize your stuff


Get in touch

Feeling overwhelmed with your storage clutter? Simply call us at 707-536-0740 or fill out our easy-to-use online form. Whether you have questions or need guidance on Storage Unit Cleanouts, we're always eager and ready to assist.


Pick a Time

Our flexible scheduling means we're available on short notice. Whether you're in a hurry and need us today or planning for a cleanout tomorrow, we're here to fit into your calendar.


We Pick Up

Not sure how to clean out a storage unit? Don’t sweat it! Just point out the items you no longer need, and our team will handle the heavy lifting, ensuring your belongings are carefully removed.


We Clean Up

We don't just remove items; we believe in leaving spaces tidier than we found them. Once we’ve cleared out the unwanted stuff, we'll give your unit a thorough sweep, ensuring it's fresh and neat for whatever you plan next.


We Care for Earth

In our quest to help you declutter, we also aim to protect our planet. Instead of sending everything to the landfill, we make a conscious effort to donate usable items, recycle responsibly, and find new purposes for things that still have life in them.

Why Choose Us?

  • Local Friends

    We're not just a business; we're part of the Bay Area community, just like you. Think of us as friendly neighbors, stepping in to lend a hand when you're wondering how to clean out a storage unit. We understand local needs because, well, they're our needs too!

  • We Do Everything
    Feeling overwhelmed with Storage Unit Cleanouts? Breathe easy! We’re here to take that weight off your shoulders. From picking up those heavy items to ensuring every corner of the unit sparkles, we're committed to offering a comprehensive service that brings peace to your heart.

  • Quick Help

    Sometimes, clutter can feel pressing, and you just want it gone – we get it! Whether it's the stress of a move or a sudden need to free up space, we're here for you. Need our assistance ASAP? Just click here and we'll be at your service, either today or tomorrow.

  • No Sneaky Prices

    Trust is important, especially when you're inviting someone into your personal space. With us, you'll always know the cost upfront. We believe in transparency, ensuring you're never caught off guard. No hidden fees, no gimmicks, just genuine service.

Tips to Clean Your Storage Unit


Pick a Day

Planning is essential. Mark a specific day on your calendar dedicated to the task. This helps mentally prepare you and ensures you have a clear timeframe for your Storage Unit Cleanouts.


Sort Things Out

Instead of randomly pulling things out, categorize them. Use boxes or zones to separate items into groups like "keep," "give away," "recycle," and "trash." This systemized approach will make it easier to decide how to clean out a storage unit more efficiently.


Stay Safe

Safety first! When delving into potentially dusty or filled spaces, it's wise to wear gloves to protect your hands from sharp or dirty objects. Pair them with sturdy shoes to ensure you don't accidentally step on anything harmful.


Ask for Help

Cleaning a storage unit can be overwhelming, especially if it's been a while since you last visited. Don't hesitate to call in reinforcements. Remember, we're just a phone call away, equipped with expertise to assist in your cleanout journey.


Sweep Up

After you've sorted and removed items, it's essential to clean the unit's floor. A clean, debris-free floor not only makes the space look tidy but also helps you avoid any potential extra fees from the storage facility. It's a finishing touch that brings the entire cleaning process full circle.

We Think Green!

Caring for the environment is at the heart of what we do. When it comes to Storage Unit Cleanouts, our approach is both responsible and eco-friendly. Here's how we ensure a minimal footprint:

  1. We Give 

    Instead of dumping everything, we carefully sift through the items. Anything in decent shape finds a new home. It’s our little way of ensuring good stuff gets a second chance and doesn't end up as waste.

  2. We Recycle

    Not everything can be reused as is, but many materials, like paper and plastic, have a new life waiting. We ensure they're directed to the right places where they can be turned into something new and useful.

  3. We Reuse

    Some items may not be wanted in one place but can be invaluable in another. Before deciding to dispose of anything, we consider how it can be repurposed or used again. This reduces waste and gives many items another shot at usefulness.

By choosing our services for how to clean out a storage unit, you’re not just creating a cleaner space for yourself – you're also playing a part in caring for our planet. We're in this together, making a greener future!

We Are Local to Bay Are

We know the Bay Area well - from parks to schools to our favorite snack places! So, if you need help with cleaning your garage, removing junk, or clearing your yard, just give us a holler!

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We’re Here: Every day, 8:00am-6:00pm

Our Customer Reviews

Based on 199 reviews
Nancy Lewis-Paniagua
Nancy Lewis-Paniagua
Couldn't be happier with service Plan to use it soon
Taylor Brown (Moxie)
Taylor Brown (Moxie)
James had the best rate of any place we called. He was extremely thorough and professional with a quick response and turn over time. His company uses text reminders I also found helpful and he even conversed with me after hours (6pm) to accommodate my work schedule. I would recommend James and his company to friends and family alike. Hands down!
Carolyn Buxton
Carolyn Buxton
You guys were great!
Leah Redwood
Leah Redwood
Junk 180 helped us clear a lot of our "Junk" as we were moving from a 2500 square foot house into a 945 sq ft of space so we had to clear a massive amount of "extra" stuff and Junk 180 responded quickly. Setting up the appointment was easy. There is a free consultation so if you can't afford it, at the time, you won't have to pay but at least you'll get an idea of the cost. For the amount of stuff they hauled away, I was expecting to pay at least $300-400 but it was only $295! And worth every penny! In fact, after they left and our family continued to pack away for our move, we had trash we overlooked and I'm calling them back! I highly recommend this company!
Jeff's Fix-it Shop
Jeff's Fix-it Shop
Junk 180 is great. They were able to schedule our hot tub demolition and removal quite promptly, they kept us informed about their arrival time, did a complete job, were up-front about the various components of the cost, and cleaned up the area quite well when they were finished. James was very conscientious, courteous, careful, and hard-working. We were confident about their honesty regarding proper disposal, which was very important to us given the current spate of illegal dumping that seems to be going on. I have no complaints about this job at all.
John Kraszewski
John Kraszewski
During early May 2023, I called Junk 180 twice to haul away giant bushes and branches. The office was efficient and communications clear. The truck drivers were on time, kind and professional. They did a good job in a short time. The job cost was good and agreed upon before work started. The job site was left clean and uncluttered. I highly recommend Junk 180 to friends and others.
Juleece Doey
Juleece Doey
I booked popular junk company 3 weeks ago and they called me 90 minutes beforehand to tell me I was not in their area. Called Junk180 and Roy and James came out right away and took care of everything I needed! They were fantastic! Friendly, detail oriented and made sure I was happy before they left! Support local business! Did I mention they gave me a fair deal and not try to fleece me? 6 thumbs up!(4 from dog who also approved!)
Thomas Maas
Thomas Maas
Roy was as excellent as all the Junk180 service providers have been for me over the years. Great company and individuals!
Lillian Hawkins
Lillian Hawkins
Great company and very quick to respond and send guys out for the disposals

SAVE $20 NOW! When You Book Online.

When You Book Online.

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