Junk Removal In Rossmoor, CA

Are you enjoying retirement and trying to keep it easy? Need to get rid of household junk but lack the time and energy to load it into your own car? Don’t frustrate yourself with DIY junk removal in Rossmoor, CA. We are glad to take on this work for you!

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Junk Removal Near Me In Rossmoor, CA

Rossmoor, a gated community in Walnut Creek, CA, is a relaxing community where people get to enjoy their later years. So don’t spoil that relaxation with do-it-yourself junk removal! This is a great way to throw out your back or at least give yourself some achy arms. For full-service junk removal in Rossmoor, CA, give JUNK180 a call!

We are a small business that is proud to serve Rossmoor and many other nearby service areas. When it comes to junk removal jobs, we have about seen it all. In other words, we have the experience needed to haul your junk away fast. Save time today by scheduling an appointment with us!

Why Our Rossmoor Junk Removal?

When your unwanted items are heavy and difficult to move around, our team of professional junk haulers would love to provide you with the hauling assistance you need! Now you can get rid of large bulky junk without even lifting a finger. Just contact JUNK180, your community’s #1 source of fast junk removal. Our reliable Rossmoor junk removal service is available as soon as today or tomorrow, and what’s more, we’ll work quickly so we don’t eat up all your free time.

What sorts of household items do you need to part ways with? Old clothes? Broken electronics and exercise equipment? Gardening equipment, old decorations, or something else? Whatever you have for us, know we’ll take it for a fair, affordable price. The cost of Rossmoor junk removal is calculated when we estimate how much truck space your junk will occupy. So, no matter how much junk you have for us, the price will always be fair!

Junk removal in Rossmoor, CA isn’t hard to schedule. In fact, we have two different booking methods for you to consider. If you like using your internet browser, why not try our online booking? Of course, you can also speak to one of our professionals over the phone. Just dial 707-536-0740 to connect with us today!

Our Rossmoor Junk Removal Process

  1. When we’re on our way, we’ll call you and let you know when we’ll be there. Once you see our truck out front, it’s a sure sign that it’s time for junk removal in Rossmoor, CA!

  2. After we have reviewed all the junk you have for us, accept our volume-based quote, and our team will start hauling all the unwanted clutter to our truck.

  3. Once we’ve loaded everything into our truck, we’ll make sure nothing was left behind. Then, we’ll sweep the floors up behind ourselves as well.

  4. Finally, we will accept your payment and drive to a nearby disposal site. Now your house is clutter-free. Enjoy the new free space!

Home Clean Outs in Rossmoor, CA

Are you leaving Rossmoor to be closer to family? Do you have another reason for moving out or needing all the clutter removed from the home? What’s nice about JUNK180 is that we take on jobs of all sizes, meaning if you need us to clean out a whole house, we’re prepared to do it. This doesn’t just include all the items inside of the home, such as furniture and appliances. This also includes items outside of the home because we are experienced yard debris removal professionals as well. That way, the house will look nice in and out.

On the day of your home clean out, let us take a look at all the rooms, from the basement to the attic. Then, once we understand what all we’re working with, we’ll be happy to haul everything away. We’ll clear the rooms one after another, and not only that, but we’ll sweep them up as well. The end result is a house that looks like nobody ever lived in it. Need us to help load up the moving truck? We can help with that, too, for an additional labor charge. All charges are always disclosed upfront.

About Us

We do more than just junk removal in Rossmoor, CA. We are also proud to serve every nook and cranny in the Bay Area. After all, we didn’t become the #1 junk removal service in the Bay Area by turning down jobs! Delighting customers is a job that takes us all over the place, so if it’s customer satisfaction you’re after, we’ll be happy to meet you in Rossmoor. Whatever junk you have in your house won’t stand a chance against our full-service professionals. For the fair prices we offer, we think you’ll walk away from us wanting to tell your friends all about JUNK180!

Our Customer Reviews

Based on 199 reviews
Nancy Lewis-Paniagua
Nancy Lewis-Paniagua
Couldn't be happier with service Plan to use it soon
Taylor Brown (Moxie)
Taylor Brown (Moxie)
James had the best rate of any place we called. He was extremely thorough and professional with a quick response and turn over time. His company uses text reminders I also found helpful and he even conversed with me after hours (6pm) to accommodate my work schedule. I would recommend James and his company to friends and family alike. Hands down!
Carolyn Buxton
Carolyn Buxton
You guys were great!
Leah Redwood
Leah Redwood
Junk 180 helped us clear a lot of our "Junk" as we were moving from a 2500 square foot house into a 945 sq ft of space so we had to clear a massive amount of "extra" stuff and Junk 180 responded quickly. Setting up the appointment was easy. There is a free consultation so if you can't afford it, at the time, you won't have to pay but at least you'll get an idea of the cost. For the amount of stuff they hauled away, I was expecting to pay at least $300-400 but it was only $295! And worth every penny! In fact, after they left and our family continued to pack away for our move, we had trash we overlooked and I'm calling them back! I highly recommend this company!
Jeff's Fix-it Shop
Jeff's Fix-it Shop
Junk 180 is great. They were able to schedule our hot tub demolition and removal quite promptly, they kept us informed about their arrival time, did a complete job, were up-front about the various components of the cost, and cleaned up the area quite well when they were finished. James was very conscientious, courteous, careful, and hard-working. We were confident about their honesty regarding proper disposal, which was very important to us given the current spate of illegal dumping that seems to be going on. I have no complaints about this job at all.
John Kraszewski
John Kraszewski
During early May 2023, I called Junk 180 twice to haul away giant bushes and branches. The office was efficient and communications clear. The truck drivers were on time, kind and professional. They did a good job in a short time. The job cost was good and agreed upon before work started. The job site was left clean and uncluttered. I highly recommend Junk 180 to friends and others.
Juleece Doey
Juleece Doey
I booked popular junk company 3 weeks ago and they called me 90 minutes beforehand to tell me I was not in their area. Called Junk180 and Roy and James came out right away and took care of everything I needed! They were fantastic! Friendly, detail oriented and made sure I was happy before they left! Support local business! Did I mention they gave me a fair deal and not try to fleece me? 6 thumbs up!(4 from dog who also approved!)
Thomas Maas
Thomas Maas
Roy was as excellent as all the Junk180 service providers have been for me over the years. Great company and individuals!
Lillian Hawkins
Lillian Hawkins
Great company and very quick to respond and send guys out for the disposals

SAVE $20 NOW! When You Book Online.

When You Book Online.

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